The Hairdressers in Sheffield for Great lengths Hair Extensions


We have been a certified salon for Great lengths hair since 1999; all of our staff are trained to the highest level. With a wealth of experience our qualified team will make sure that working together our clients will get great hair, fantastic styles guaranteeing to steal the limelight on any occasion.


What make Great Lengths hair so special?


All Great Lengths hair can be traced back to its origin; the hair is purchased from Indian Temples and funds raised from selling the hair goes back into local communities aiding development of medical centres, schools and many other well deserved local charities.

Great Lengths ‘premium quality human hair is of the highest quality, that is available in a selection of glossy tones and lengths and are suitable for all hair types.

It is well known in the fashion industry that Great Lengths hair extensions are probably the best on the market. Many celebrities choose great lengths because the hair is absolutely fantastic and coupled with an unrivaled aftercare range; this ensures that if maintained correctly the extensions can last up to 5 months.

All Great lengths hair is classed as Remy or Remi hair, which means the cuticles are facing the same direction from root to tip. The main benefits are that the hair is easier to maintain and less likely to knot. It also means the hair will blend well with your natural hair.

Great lengths hair is 100% human hair because it behaves like your own hair and offers a more natural look. Other benefits of using natural hair; the extensions can be styled using modern heating tools such as tongs, rollers and brushes. All of our stylists are trained in professionally colouring, dyeing and perming so most natural hair styles can be achieved.

All the bonds that the Great Lengths hair is attached to are a patented product that no other manufacturer can copy. The bonds are specifically designed to protect clients own hair, strength in the bond and also with correct maintenance longevity of the attachment

In recent years there has been a significant increase in men’s hair extensions. This is proving to be very popular as men are more and more fashion and style conscious.

There is a comprehensive range of aftercare products that will help keeping the hair and bonds in great condition.

Are Great lengths hair extensions suitable for everyone?


When considering hair extensions it is imperative that every client has a consultation with our trained stylists.

Hair extensions are a cosmetic procedure and should only be applied to healthy hair. The minimum length that extensions can be fitted to is about 5cm to ensure comfortable discreet attachment. Certain medical conditions need to be considered before choosing extensions, also during and after pregnancy may affect the bonds.

The extensions will need different care to normal natural hair, these may include different types of shampoos and conditioners. Also when styling you must not apply certain products that may affect the bonds and also heat needs to be kept away from the bonds.

If you have a busy energetic lifestyle, your hair will produce more grease than normal and may impact on the bonds. If you do a lot of swimming in a chlorine baths again care must be taken to protect the bonds from the effects of the chemical.

It has be proven, that if the hair is kept well maintained it can last up to 20% longer.

How much will the Great Lengths extensions cost and how much hair will I need?

The costs depend very much on the length of hair required, the colour choices and also the quantity of bonds. So every client’s needs are different and pricing is on an individual basis.

The quantity of hair required depends solely on what style the client is looking to achieve.


We have just been awarded the Silver Salon award for 2017